Laptop Market Share India | Best Laptop Company in India 2023

India is definitely a wide market for laptops and the market share of the different laptop manufacturers in India is growing consistently. There are several brands selling laptops in India, and we thought it apt to find details of laptop market share in India and find the top 5 laptop brands in India in 2023.

The Indian Laptop Market Share – An Overview

Under ideal conditions, the laptops are available at Rs 30000 and go to a level of up to 2.5 lakhs for the high-end options. You would find that the features and other details of the laptops would make it a formidable choice for enjoying a great degree of options.

The Indian laptop market is actually saturated with several brands. A few of the brands are from China while a few others are from other regions. The popular brand in India is HP followed by Dell and Lenovo.

Laptop Market Share India

The market share of laptop brands in India can be summarised in the following lines.

  • HP (33.8%)
  • Dell (19.4%)
  • Lenovo (17.6%)
  • Acer (9.8%)
  • Asus (6.2%)
  • Others (13.2%)

It should be noted that the top 5 brands constitute about 86.8 percent of the total laptop market share and the others contribute around 13 percent.

The brands specified above apart, you can also find a host of other best laptop companies in India in 2023. Some of the brands would include

  • Apple (Macbooks)
  • Xiaomi (Mi laptops)
  • Avita Libre (Affordable Laptops)
  • Micromax
  • MSI (Known for Gaming Laptops)
  • Huawei ( Honor Laptop)
  • Microsoft (Surface laptops)
  • Vaio
  • Toshiba

A good view into the laptop market share in India can be tabulated as here below –


Market Share

HP 33.8%
Dell 19.4%
Lenovo 17.6%
Acer 9.8%
Asus 6.2%
Others 13.2%
Total 100%

Best Laptop Company in India for Students

Let us now go through the finer details of each of the laptop brands that have created a name for themselves. This can help you find detailed information on the best laptop company in India in 2023.


With a market share of 33%, it is the clear leader in the Indian laptop market. The pricing of the HP laptops is slightly on the higher side and you would find the laptops from the brand being expensive for the same features when compared to the laptops from other brands such as  Lenovo, Acer, or Asus.

The powerful retailers and distributor network is what makes HP laptops all the more powerful. You can find laptops from HP starting at 30k and extending to up to 2 lakhs. The rugged construction, durability, and outstanding set of features make it stand apart from the competing manufacturers.


The second largest laptop brand in India is Dell which enjoys a market share of 19%. Of course, that should be a huge gap between the first two places. The XPS range of laptops from the brand has been rated to be an excellent option in the long run.

The Vostro series from the brand cater to budget and mid-range buyers, while the Inspiron series is designed for premium buyers. or the premium buyers. The tip-of-the-line XPS series has been rated to be extremely expensive in India and may not be the right one to choose. Dell has also entered the gaming laptops arena with its  G Series and Alienware laptops.


The third in line – is Lenovo has a market share of 17%. The brand has seen stronger growth over recent years. The different series of laptops from the brand would include  Ideapad, Thinkpad, Think book, Legion, X1, and many more.

The vast network of stores and the stronger presence across online stores are what makes it all the more powerful. The versatile product portfolio is what makes it a truly formidable option. However, there have been a few complaints about its build quality.


A distant fourth, Acer is popular enough with a market share of 10%. The brand has been regarded as the most affordable laptop brand in India. The Acer brand has several series that include such as Swift, Nitro, Aspire, Predator, and many more.

You would find the quality of the products slightly above the average. The affordable pricing should be something that you would find much interesting and unique in its own right.


Asus has a market share of 6.8%. One of the fastest growing laptop brands in India, Asus has been able to achieve huge market growth this year. It has been regarded as one of the most innovative brands and comes with laptops powered by AMD Ryzen 4000/5000 series.

The OLED displays have been one of the excellent options that you would find much interesting. The brand has been known for the best-seller Asus G14, G15, and M16.

Well, that was all about the best laptop brands in India that you would perhaps want to explore. The list of the best options outlined here should ideally help you understand the perfect experiences that you would find much more unique.

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