Uni Paycheck: Get Rs.500 Cash on Signup Free + Upto 50,00 Directly in Your Bank Account

Uni Cards, formerly known as Just Uni, offers a free Rs. 500 signup through a referral link in addition to an additional Rs. 1,000 per referral when friends are referred via Uni Paycheck. Uni provides immediate bank account credit. which implies you receive Rs. 500 gratis in addition to that.

uni paycheck refer earn

Uni Paycheck [A maximum authorized for you] from Uni Offers is credited directly to your bank account at no additional cost. For instance, if you receive ₹15,000 in the limit, Uni would credit ₹15,000 to your bank account each week or month at no cost to you. You can subsequently make a free payment to Uni for the entire 15-day period. Anyone who spends this money to make purchases online or offline can receive a transfer from you.

Uni Paycheck Details

App Uni Paycheck
Download Link Download Link
Signup Rewards ₹500
Referral Rewards ₹1500

How To Signup on Uni Paycheck

1. First of all download the Uni Paycheck app from Play Store.

Download Uni App

2. Now Enter your mobile number to sign up for a new account, You would require KYC. so use the primary number.

3. Now fill in Your basic details as required.

4. You need to enter Your PAN number and bank account number for KYC purposes and Direct Credit.


5. Once your KYC is completed and Your Credit report is verified, you can get a limit of upto ₹1,00,000, Here I got a limit of ₹50,000

uni cash

6. You can add Your bank account in the next step where the amount will be credited.

7. Once you complete these steps, now Choose the plan, there are 2 plans one is free and another is paid where you can return the money in 30 days

8. Once you choose the plan, Instantly Uni will credit the first installment of your monthly limit to your bank account.

9. The next is you can use the amount however you want, You need to repay it within 15 days for no charge.

10. If you pay later than 15 days, you will be charged interest.


Sounds pretty good, right? But before you sign up, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Uni Paycheck may not be available in your area. Check their website to see if they offer services in your country.
  • There may be fees for certain transactions. Be sure to understand the fees before you start using Uni Paycheck.
  • It’s important to protect your financial information. Always practice safe online habits, regardless of which payment platform you use.

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