Best Graphics Cards Under 20000 to 50k in India

If you are looking to find the best option for the perfect gaming, it is high time you invested in a capable graphics card. The ability to handle heavy games for a prolonged period of time should be what would make it all the more important and essential. From this perspective, we thought of checking out the best graphic cards under 20000.

best graphic card under 20000

How to Pick the Best Graphics Cards under 20000 Rupees?

You would find a huge range of graphics cards that you would find quite interesting. It is quite a good option to look for a few prominent features in your graphics card. Look for the following features in your choice of the perfect and best GPU under 20k.

The Brand

The brand of your favorite GPU should be the key to the best possible experience with your gaming. You can either go with the AMD or Nvidia graphics cards. It is just a question of choice and does not necessarily have anything to do with the quality or performance. the primary difference between the AMD and Nvidia graphics cards lies in the price of the products.

The AMD graphics cards come with a value-for-money proposition and the Nvidia cards are focused more on performance. Check out each of the graphics cards and pick the one that best meets your needs among the best graphics card under 20000.

GPU cores and Clock speed

The number of cores and the clock speed are the other two parameters that would assume a lot of essence and importance. In case you want to have an absolute performance, it is advisable to choose a graphics card that has as many cores and as higher clock speed as possible.

The AMD graphics cards are known for a more number of cores, while the Nvidia graphics cards are known to have a better clock speed. The number of cores will have a say in achieving better responsiveness in the gaming experience. The clock speed of the graphics cards can prove to be effective in working with the best settings for your games.

Graphics Memory and Bandwidth

In terms of memory, you would find that the AMD graphics cards come with 8 GB memory and the Nvidia graphic cards generally come with 6 GB memory. The choice between GDDR5 and GDDR6 technology will also have a great bearing on what you would get.

In terms of bandwidth, you would find the Nvidia range of memory cards offering you a very decent performance. You would find them providing you with a very decent performance in playing your gams and even ineffective video editing.


The compatibility of the graphics cards with respect to your individual needs would also assume a lot of essence and importance. The compatibility of the graphics card should be yet another important parameter that you would want to focus on when buying your new card.

Check the PCIe version of the graphics card that you would want to go with. if you have a newer motherboard, you can go with the latest PCIe 4.0 and 3.0 support. Even the power supply may be something that you would need to focus on when choosing your graphics card.

A few FAQs

Nvidia vs AMD GPU which is the better one?

There are multiple parameters that can decide between right choice between AMD and Nvidia graphics cards. Both of them come with their own plus points and a few negative options. However, Nvidia has been known for the best quality graphics cards.

Between DDR2, DDR3, DDR4, and DDR5 which GRAM is better?

The DDR5 is the latest technology and you would find it offering a very decent and outstanding experience by several standards. It is the fastest among the lot and assures a better gaming performance.

Is there both RAM and VRAM on a graphics card?

The concept of RAM and VRAM is similar. Both of them stand for memory. Since the graphics card is a video card, the RAM used on them is called VRAM.

In Conclusion

There are a few best graphics cards that you would find quite interesting. You will definitely find it a truly promising option for enjoying one of the most promising experiences ever. Stand a chance to get the best possible video quality by choosing the best graphics cards under 20000.

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